Tik Tok Service For Worldwide Business

TikTok Knowledge Training Service

Lead enterprises to learn deeply about TikTok such as the market landscape, how to join, and how to capitalize on it.

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Enterprise Product Evaluation Service

We will help enterprises choose the highest potential development method based on their products and enterprise scale, using currently available tools such as TikTok Ads, Short Video, and Live Stream.

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TikTok Ads Account Service

We will lead enterprises to register TikTok Ads account and teach them how to operate the account. We can also guide them to learn more about creating effective campaigns and how to control CPA or ROI, as well as how to make conversion optimization, etc.

Besides, we also have professional and talented Ads team to help enterprises run their TikTok ad campaigns and target the right audience so that they can see their success in short time. Meanwhile, we will help them build a website to sell their products. We will with Shopify shop opening, shop design, product uploading, payment setup, etc.

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TikTok Short Video and Live Stream Service

We will help or lead enterprises to create professional short videos based on their brand and products. Teach them how to analyze the data such as follow, like, comment, and conversion. For Live Stream, we will help enterprises build a live streaming team or help them live stream process.

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Related TikTok Service

We have capability to provide useful and exclusive services for TikTok from beginning to end such as TikTok team building, market research, TikTok online celebrity recommendation, sales promotion by TikTok talent, payment method guidance as well as logistics recommendation.

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Learn how to advertise on TikTok. As a TikTok service agency, we will teach you then ins and outs and help you get the best of TikTok platform.


Analyze enterprise product information,Identify the core competitiveness of enterprises and brands, focus on showing enterprise advantages, and expand enterprise sales channels.


Accurate positioning of profiles, personalized sales strategy, have your business target very specific audiences based on the following criteria: location, interest, age, device type, behavior and interactions.


Once the strategy is decided, start creating Tiktok ad accounts.


Our marketing experts test and optimize our campaigns based on your CPA or ROI to ensure that you are maximizing your return on ad spend.


Get thorough and comprehensive performance reports to understand where your money is spent and take the pulse of your overall performances.

About Us

We are a TikTok service agency located in the United States, specializing in providing TikTok related services like Ads campaign management, enterprise development customization, short video and live stream Service, etc.

We are a fresh and dynamic team offering creative talent, industrial knowledge and extremely high standards in PPC, SEO, content marketing, conversion optimization, and other marketing divisions.

Our Mission:
Following the principle of maximizing the interests of enterprises, we aim to bring comprehensive improvement for enterprises in multiple dimensions such as accurate customer acquisition and realization as well as help them quickly empower their brand with the fastest-growing social media platform.


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